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YourLAW 24 Club

Provide YOUR clients with YOUR own advice line.

  • Trying to compete for that first telephone call that would allow you to develop new clients and command that way a matter is progressed?
  • Fed up with insurers snatching your work for their own panels?
  • Need a new idea to present to local businesses?
  • If so then we think that providing your own advice-line with an insurance element will probably be the most cost effective marketing tool you could devise.

    Until now the biggest obstacle to providing an indemnity-backed service has been the cost of insurance and its administration/regulation.

    We think we have the answer. YourLAW 24 is just our generic name for a service designed for you around your clients. You can call it Elephant Direct or Gorilla Law, whatever you like.

    You decide how much of your time to invest in the clients – this could be a time limit per call or a fixed number of hours per month all for a fixed monthly subscription that you collect by standing order. In turn we will arrange a ‘block’ policy providing a range of insurance benefits for participating clients with premiums remitted monthly. Clients are covered as long as they keep paying the subs.

    This means you can offer your own YourLAW Club subscription services for a fixed fee from as little as £25 per month. This entitles clients to speak to you on any matter for up to an hour (a call you may otherwise have offered to take at no charge) and we help mitigate some of the more expensive commitments by providing insurance cover for contract disputes, health and safety prosecutions, licensing disputes and other regulation and compliance matters possibly whist avoiding becoming a cheap debt recovery service.

    Of course there are some limitations – claims would be subject to reasonable prospects of success for instance – but we would be helping you create a meaningful benefit to help you expand your brand identity into the local business community and we can of course upgrade their insurance to full employment and contract matters if required.

    To find out more, call Brian on 01935 389812 or email brian@straightsolutions.co.uk